What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme designed to help protect organisations, whatever their size, from a range of the most common cyber-attacks.

Most cyber-attacks are basic in nature, much like the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door or windows to see if they’re unlocked. Cyber Essentials main goal is to protect your Organisation from these types of attacks.

Cyber Essentials Compliance

Cyber Essentials Compliance

Cyber Essentials Compliance is Westgate IT’s managed security service which brings your IT infrastructure up to the Cyber Essentials security standard and maintains that standard for you throughout the year.

Westgate IT recognises that cyber security isn’t a once a year, tick-a-box event; it needs to be implemented into everything you do. It’s the continual management, research and testing that helps protect organisations best from cyber-attacks.

Through this service you will gain exclusive access to our dedicated and qualified IT security department who will manage and communicate the whole process with you.

What’s included in Cyber Essentials Compliance?

Security Standard 

Your Infrastructure is brought up to the Government backed, security standard. Our team assist you through the entire Certification process and maintain that standard for you.

System Hardening

At Westgate, we deploy and maintain secure configurations across your computers, servers and user accounts, making them better protected against common cyber-attacks.

Security Portal

View the status of your Security Estate, all your manageable network devices, and any vulnerabilities we are working on through our bespoke Web Portal.

Patch Management

An Industry Leading unified endpoint Management Solution is deployed to all your computers and servers to automate Windows and Third-Party Patching.

Vulnerability Scanning

Using Nessus, your Infrastructure is scanned every quarter, looking at the internal networks and the outside of your network for any known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management

Any high or critical severity vulnerabilities are identified in the Vulnerability Scans. They are then are resolved and a suitable solution is implemented.

How does Cyber Essentials Compliance Work?

  • 1Review
  • 2Propose Plan
  • 3Implement
  • 4Test
  • 5Cyber Essentials Certification
  • 6Restart

A Two-Step Process.

First, we establish an asset list of your IT Infrastructure, adding or updating any changes.

Second, we review the latest version of the Cyber Essentials standard to build a list of goals we need to obtain for you and your business, deep diving into your systems.


Now we have this information, we can start putting together a plan of action.

This plan may include upgrading or changing parts of your IT Infrastructure to help ensure you are using Secure Solutions and Processes.

By using our award winning Service Desk and monitoring tools, our Engineers can support your end users whilst ensuring the overall plan is maintained to meet your objectives and end goals.

Propose Plan

Once a plan has been agreed, we then set about implementing the plan.

Depending on the current state, size and type of Infrastructure you have, this phase can take a few weeks or months to complete to ensure that the plan is robust.


Arguably the most overlooked step.

We now set about testing all the new changes that have been implemented. Testing allows us to ensure everything is working as expected and to highlight any areas that require further improvement.

Using Nessus, your Infrastructure is scanned every quarter, looking at the internal networks and the outside of your network for any known vulnerabilities.


If you don’t already hold a Cyber Essentials certification, you are now ready to apply. Choose from either of the two certifications and Westgate IT will assist you through the entire process.

Once you’ve obtained the Cyber Essentials Certification, you can:

  • Reassure your customers that you take an active approach in securing your IT infrastructure.
  • Have a better understanding of the security status of your organisation.
  • Apply for some government contracts which require you to hold a Cyber Essentials certification.
  • Attract new business by giving them peace of mind you have cyber security measures in place.
cyber essentials certification

We now restart the whole process again.


We do this because the Security Landscape changes every day. If a new Critical Configuration or Patch gets released, how can you be sure you’ve implemented and tested its deployment across your IT Infrastructure? If the goal posts of Cyber Essentials change, how can you be sure you’re on top of this?

This is where the Cyber Essentials Compliance service shines most; we manage this all for you.


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