The Challenge

The client, a high profile financial under writer, required a solution to make their workforce more mobile and include the addition of personal devices carrying organisational email. The requirements were to provide a highly secure wireless environment with 3 separate networks providing varying levels of access based upon organisation membership.

Business Solution

With the use of an Aruba Mobility solution we were able to deploy full wireless coverage of an old 3 story Victorian building and encompass a security level high enough for the client’s purposes. The network separation was performed by the 3200XM controller using an in built firewall allowing session based role control.
Active directory integration was achieved by using NPS to perform RADIUS authentication against each machine and user connecting to the network. Based upon the users Active Directory group the controller assigns a role which then has access restrictions and a VLAN associated with it.


The client now has the ability to allow its staff to use their personal mobile devices without risk to data integrity as well as provide a professional level of guest access to visiting clients. The client also has the ability to securely connect corporate devices to the wireless without risk of being attacked from external sources or the ability for the users to interact from other internal devices.