Sadie Parkinson

Marketing Manager

In the UK, only 16% of the roles filled within the Technology sector are by women. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the candidates filling the positions within Technology and IT are still slightly behind in terms of gender diversity. At Westgate IT, we are proud and humbled to say that we have a team of successful IT support technicians of both men and women. Speaking with one of our technicians Shonsel who has been at the company almost two years, we asked her some questions about her experience as a woman in IT.

When did you become interested in pursuing a career in IT?

I’ve been interested in computers from a young age and decided I wanted a career within IT at around 13 years old, just as I entered year 9. We had just started learning more in-depth knowledge within our IT classes at school and I found them very interesting.

Did you have readily available opportunities within IT?

Opportunities within IT were not easily available in the South West, especially where I lived. I had to go out and really do some research in surrounding towns and cities to be able to find some courses and other opportunities within in IT that were available.

What aspects about your role as an IT Support Technician do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy being able to help people and fix their issues, being able to talk to new people and have nice conversations with them while you’re working on their issue. You can tell when someone appreciates what you have done for them and that’s always an amazing feeling.

How did you hear about Westgate IT?

I first heard about who Westgate IT were when they visited my college and gave a talk about the roles they offer within the company.

When did you join Westgate and how much do you think you have learned since then?

I joined Westgate in July 2018 straight after I finished college, with this job being my first in IT Support. In just under 2 years, I have learned so much in my role as an IT Support Technician and how I can continue to help support our clients the best way possible.

What aspects of working at Westgate IT do you enjoy?

The people around me make this job enjoyable and they are always willing to help me when it is required.

As a female, have you faced any challenges within this industry?

When I first started working within IT, I did have someone say to me they wanted to speak to a male engineer when I was trying to help them which wasn’t the best feeling. Also, pretty much every day I get people calling asking for a support engineer and then shocked when I say I am one.

What would you say to other females wanting to get involved in IT careers?

If it’s what you want to do then just go for it, don’t let other people stop you just because they still believe in gender stereotypes, it’s a great job career that can offer some amazing opportunities.

Why do you think that there are less women within the IT industry than men?

I think the world is still progressing and there are still people stuck in the past. There are a lot of jobs that only had male employees and also others that only had female employees. As society continues to progress in many different ways, I think this will continue to change hopefully for the better and give more and more people equal opportunities.

Do you think there are more opportunities now for women as the IT industry grows?

There are definitely more now, especially as more companies are looking to hire more woman knowing that the industry is so male dominated.

As leading IT providers in The South West, we feel that it is so important to share the wonderful achievements that our team are making each and every day and are excited to see more and more women applying for roles within technology and engineering at Westgate. If you are interested in applying for a job at Westgate, you can head to our careers page which has lots of helpful information about how you could be a part of the team.

Published: 7th April 2020