Nigel Phillips

Managing Director

At Westgate IT, we understand that your business depends on our ability to deliver a high quality, sustainable service so we wanted to share our plan of action regarding the recent developments around COVID-19. All of our clients rely on us to provide our services on a daily basis and it is critical that were are available in the event of an emergency, or even to just reset a password.

To this end we have a detailed Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure we are prepared for as many eventualities as we can so that we remain available to our clients even in the worst of circumstances.

As we are all adjusting to current situation and the changing precautions being announced by the British government and the World Health Organisation, I want to highlight a few actions we are taking to ensure that our teams are best prepared:

  • Our engineers have the ability to work securely from anywhere with an internet connection, this has been fully tested and proven to not have a reduction in the service we provide.
  • To prevent the spread of the virus, all of our staff have been working remotely since the 11th of March.
  • If a visit to your office is required, we will be check with you prior to visiting to ensure you’re happy with our engineer attending site.
  • Travelling will be restricted to essential traveling only, where possible we will ship equipment via couriers.

We will continue to monitor the situation going forward and adapt our policies accordingly.

If you have a question regarding our plan, or would like support in creating a continuity plan for your business, get in touch today via form below.

Published: 13th March 2020