Communication in a business is essential, and in the modern world, there are multiple channels you can use to get information across, one of which is email. The messaging software has developed heavily since it was first introduced in the early days of the internet, here is our guide on how to get the most out of the email method you use at your business and some different tips and tricks to follow.


Some of the largest email service providers

As the internet has grown so too has the number of providers looking to offer your business email solutions. Microsoft is one of the biggest hitters in email with 66,535 reported companies using the platform.

Whilst Microsoft is the biggest in the business market, Gmail has an estimated 1 billion users worldwide, and more businesses are starting to adopt the search engines platform. Products like Office 365 integrate features like Microsoft office and business email applications.

Setting up your business email

Having a streamlined email system that is set up to function well off the bat will save you and your team a lot of time in the long run. The method of set up will depend on the type of system that your company is using.

No matter what platform you or your workplace is using, the fundamentals will normally stay the same. You will need to set up an email address for items to go to and a password for keeping your account secure.


How ‘Inbox Zero’ and other techniques can help you manage email

For many, managing the email inbox is a big part of staying productive in the office. The ‘Inbox Zero’ method has risen to prominence recently as a method of reducing stress and improving productivity.

In line with inbox zero, putting emails into a task management system can then help you stay on top of your work. When implementing inbox zero there are some fundamental principles to follow:


  • Try and process email at certain periods of the day rather than ad-hoc
  • Start by parsing your inbox and removing all spam and junk mail
  • Use labels to determine which emails need detailed responses and move them into a separate file


Keeping your inbox free has been shown to lower stress and increase the quality of your workflow.


Other techniques:


  • Giving your email subjects searchable titles will help you easily access emails on demand
  • Staring emails and using labels like ‘response needed’ or ‘awaiting further information’ will help you remember what action is needed


Whilst email is a powerful tool that can be used in many different ways for your business, a lot of the benefits will only be realised if you use your email system in the correct way.

For both Googles and Microsoft folders and labels can be used to organise information and indicate what client it has come from and any potential actions that need to be taken.


Find an IT support provider that can help you manage email

If you set up your email system in the correct way, you should reduce the rate of ongoing issues in the future. Incorporating email as part of your task management system will help you and your business get more done in the time that you have. Having good IT support will also help reduce the chance of errors occurring in email and support better email security.

Published: 17th January 2020