Sadie Parkinson

Marketing Manager

We are often approached by clients that feel overwhelmed and stressed managing their Organisations IT Infrastructure. This can often make them feel detached from any current IT Support Team they are working with and they do not having full confidence in what they are doing.

At Westgate, we appreciate that IT Support is more about empathy and not just providing teams with the technical knowledge. From our Account Managers to First Line Engineers, our teams are fully Customer Service Trained in order to support you and your Business.

We Take Pride

At Westgate, we take great pride in teaching and training our team and understand how incredibly important it is to do so within our Industry. From the moment that member of staff begins their career at our workplace, we want to make sure that they are fulfilling their role to the best of their ability and, anything we can do to help this, should be done.

It is great to explore the different training opportunities that are available to the various team members we employ at Westgate IT. Whether it’s a compulsory yearly quiz or an enrolled training course within Westgate, our staff greatly benefit from them. As well as improving their own knowledge within their role, it can encourage our team to take similar courses within other areas they may not have considered before to further their career and thus help improve the wider business at Westgate. It’s an investment all round!

Technical Support & Ability to Communicate

With the Technology Industry becoming more and more advanced every day, there is often new software or hardware that our team have to be aware of which often involved training courses or completing online modules for to gain competency in. As well as the technical knowledge, the ability to communicate effectively and empathetically with clients is another key skill that requires constant training.

Over the past few months, our Engineers and Account Managers have been part of a Customer Service Training Course with an external third party to ensure that the service we deliver to our clients is maintained at a high standard. Completing the course over a number of days meant that our team could put what they had learnt into practice straight away, engaging with our clients and always trying to add value to the service they are delivering.

When speaking with our clients, it is important that we deliver a high level of support, going above and beyond what they are asking. If our team were to respond to a client and just simply complete the task, it wouldn’t demonstrate the higher level of support that we should always be delivering. With our Engineers bringing a personal approach to their role, we are able to show our clients just how important their needs are to us and that we are here to answer any questions they may have.

Supporting our Clients

We understand that each client has different needs and may want to work in a different way. Being adaptable to the needs of our clients is a key part of our IT Support Team’s role and with the aid of training courses, this is something that we pride ourselves on at Westgate.

At Westgate, we provide IT Support and Management for many businesses across the UK, including Charities and Organisations that are supporting the NHS who work with many different people. Working closely with these types of clients has allowed our team to really understand how important it is to not only be providing the technical knowledge to them, but to also be empathetic when delivering Support.

Having built close relationships with our clients, we understand that empathy is key for them and that they don’t just want someone to bombard them with the technical knowledge of their systems. Communication is key! We build a relationship with our clients and talk them through each step so that they are included in the work we are doing, and they can then relay this to their wider team.

Published: 16th February 2021