The Westgate Approach

  • 11. Investigate, listen and understand your business
  • 22. We make sure you’re in control
  • 33. We encourage you to meet the team
  • 44. We consider the on-boarding process a project
  • 55. Your existing contract

We often see similar issues or common failings with a client’s current IT Support provider that they are unhappy with:

  • SLAs not being met
  • Lack of out of hours support
  • The provider is too big or too small
  • Not getting value for money
  • Lack of tools / reporting / visibility

We assess your business from a strategic point of view and start working on a plan for future:

  • Inadequate innovation
  • Inability to scale
  • Unable to solve new business issues/technologies
  • Can’t support business transformation projects

We do a deep dive into your system, we listen to you and understand your business.

Step 1 - ball rolling

Our tools go above and beyond the standard, putting you in complete control:

  • Take a look at our Toolset features
  • Let’s set-up a remote session to walk through the benefits
  • See reports, dashboards, status of your system in real-time
  • Monitor your SLA, ensure you’re process is followed
  • Experience how a managed service should be provided

It’s all about the people.

Let’s get together, meet the team, see it there’s a fit and build a relationship:

  • Come and visit us and see first-hand how we operate
  • Meet the back office team as well as the technical
  • See how our team functions day to day and experience the Westgate culture
  • Ask questions, raise concerns, get trusted advice
  • Always happy to visit you, if you can’t make it to us

We consider the on-boarding process a project:  “Stabilisation Project”

  • Dedicated on-boarding specialist to manage the whole process
  • Install our tools on all supported devices & remediate any issues found
  • Ensure security & backups are in place
  • Document the entire set-up, configure CMDB & Asset management

We get your system to a standard we are happy to support without firefighting, before handing over to the Support Team.

Note: We start building your strategy now by creating a tailored 5 Year Plan.

Future Plan & Strategy

Notice period – we don’t expect you to pay for two providers during the handover, we’ll ensure a cost free overlapping period.

  • Giving Notice –  All you need to do is give Westgate authorisation and we will handle everything.
  • Working with your current provider – We will ensure everything is handed over and tested before the contract ends.

If the contract has to end suddenly we can even take over if you prefer. Talk to us if you’ve any concerns.

Step 5 - new start

Understanding the Process

The reason you’re here is because you are not happy with the way your IT Support is being looked after. Most likely your expectations have not been met and it has left you feeling frustrated and anxious.

We are often approached by clients who feel that their current IT Support provider is just not mature enough, not providing the service they were promised and unable to grow with them.

If you’re considering switching from your current IT Support provider, it is understandable that you may have some concerns. Our experienced team and a dedicated on-boarding specialists will manage the whole process, ensuring a smooth seamless transition.




Trust in Westgate

At Westgate, we remove the complexity and stress that migrations often cause and proactively manage the project for you. With clients all across the South West of England, we have seamlessly moved them to us from their previous provider, bringing them fully on board to Westgate.

We understand that moving providers can seem scary and overwhelming. You and your business need an experienced and dedicated team to assure you that your business is moving in the right direction. With over 25 years’ experience, you can trust Westgate.

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