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Remote working or working from home is now part of many desirable job specifications that allows employees to skip the winding queue of traffic and start the day from the comfort of their own home. Whilst this isn’t the case for all businesses, it is becoming more available for many office-based workers, with employers seeing the increasing benefits that remote working can provide.


The benefits that remote working can offer

Most employees spend time commuting to and from work on a daily basis, either via public transport or weaving through traffic via car. Unless you are lucky enough to live close to your place of work and roll out of bed five minutes beforehand, then working from home can significantly reduce the wasted time spent in traffic and transpired into an extra hour of work and a completed to-do list.

Another key benefit that working from home can provide is the flexibility that an employer can offer to their team members, often included on many job advertisements as part of the benefits lists displayed on the job spec. Flexible working hours means that many individuals can balance their busy home life and work life much more efficiently and minimise extra stressful worries such as school drop offs, road closures on route and health related appointments.

Alongside this, the trust between employer and employee is also built upon and allows that working relationship to become stronger and stronger, demonstrating a productive and efficient worker that can complete their responsibilities from any working environment.


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Remote working – a small step towards helping the environment

Environmental factors are also directly affected when working from home. Most drivers are travelling to and from work each and every day and contributing to the number of vehicles on the busy roads, meaning that pollution numbers are high than ever before. With newer cars averaging 31% lower CO2 emissions since 2018, reducing emissions is becoming a much more prominent issue than ever before. In aid of this, remote working reduces the number of cars on the roads and means that many employees can directly contribute to helping the environment by sparing the average 59 minutes UK workers spend on their work commute.


Westgate IT and remote working

At Westgate IT, our offices cover a range of key locations within the South West including Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter meaning that many team members are constantly travelling around major UK cities. Westgate understands that remote working can be a real beneficial addition when joining any company and readily demonstrate some of those exact benefits discussed such as improving productivity and trust between employee and employer.

Whether you are a managing director of a large company or a new team member at a smaller local business, Westgate are on hand to discuss how remote working can be integrated as part of working life simply and efficiently. Discussing the benefits and useful tools and equipment is something that Westgate can provide to ensure the configuration to allow remote working and best practice to monitor the overall working from home process.

If you have any questions or need further support about remote working, please get in touch with Westgate IT at [email protected].

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Published: 6th March 2020