Mark Salen

Account Manager

As an IT Support Provider, we work with different clients across the UK whose businesses rely heavily on technology and solid IT infrastructure. Without an IT plan in place, an organisation can struggle to prosper and grow to reach its full potential.

With so many issues surrounding cybersecurity and data protection becoming increasingly worrying for many businesses, it is important to ensure that your company is protected and fully supported technically.

Understanding how proactive and reactive IT support works and the difference between the two allows you to choose the most suitable IT Support for your business and how these two methods can be effective.

Proactive vs Reactive Support

When a digital threat is identified in a business, our team at Westgate IT must action this straight away to ensure that our client’s company is safe. The two types of response mechanism that an IT Support Company uses are known as proactive support and reactive support.

What is Reactive Support?

As the name sounds, reactive support is there to act as a reaction to a situation where something an incident has occurred. At Westgate, we may get a call from one of our clients that informs us that their server isn’t working, or they cannot access their VPN. They would contact one of our IT Support Engineers and we would respond immediately with the support needed to fix the issue.

A lot of businesses that are developing and growing will lean more towards a Reactive IT Support because it if often less expensive as you are only paying for this service when you need it. However, this could then cost you more money later down the line if threats to your business have been left undetected for a lengthy period.

What is Proactive Support?

On the other side of it all, you have proactive support. This means that you are staying ahead of any complications that may come up. With proactive support, it is purposefully designed so that our team at Westgate can stay one step ahead of the issues that arise and alert of any potential threats to our clients before they even occur.

This type of support means that we can continuously ensure our Engineers are alert and ahead of possible threats to clients, meaning there will be much fewer cases of any security issues.

Westgate IT’s Approach

At Westgate IT, we always try to pride ourselves on providing the best possible support with a Proactive approach to our clients as it allows our team to stay ahead of potential issues and minimise any threats.

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Published: 17th June 2021