John Gbel

Operations Manager

As Microsoft partners, we are often asked by our clients about the different business tools that are offered by Microsoft and what the main differences are between them. OneDrive and SharePoint are two of these examples as they are both widely used by many, offering similar features but do still remain different tools.

Collaboration is one of the key aspects of OneDrive and SharePoint, but how they approach this differs as well as sharing files and their project management. With hundreds of tools presented to businesses that all specialise in those areas, it can become overwhelming and difficult to choose, making it even more important to understand the differences between each.


Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service for all your files that makes it easy to manage and share your documents from anywhere, from any of your favourite devices. Acting as a central location to work from, OneDrive has specific sharing features that allows many team members to collaborate together on the same documents with a clear versioning for personal and business.

OneDrive for Business is available to Office 365 users with Business plans, allowing you to fully use it to store your work files, allowing you to choose who is able to see these files.

OneDrive Business Benefits

One of the main benefits of using OneDrive for business purposes is the personal storage for your work files. The OneDrive app acts like an online version of your documents folder that most will have on their personal devices; this is just the cloud version. Each user gets access to 1 Terabyte of online file storage space at work, at home, or on the go to ensure that all your documents are stored in one safe space.

Another key benefit of OneDrive is the Saving Draft feature you can use. Often, users will be working away on a particular document that is not quite ready yet or completed to share with other colleagues that will be reviewing it. By using the Saving Draft feature, the document can be stored away out of view and can be continually worked on and updated until the user is ready to share it.


SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration platform for businesses that allows a group of teams or individuals to work together on either documents or products at the same time, allowing you to create team websites through an online resource.

As SharePoint directly integrates with Microsoft Teams, every single Teams channel has a corresponding SharePoint Teams Site which means that any document being worked on side Microsoft Teams will also be stored in your SharePoint library. You can choose work from SharePoint Online by directly logging in or work from inside Microsoft Teams and still be able to upload documents that all colleagues can access, comment on or modify.

The collaboration of SharePoint and Teams is there to allow company wide projects to be worked on simply and that all the necessary information for each project can be accessed easily by any team member working on it. We see most of our clients making use of this feature by directly working on shared files inside Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Business Benefits

One of the benefits that SharePoint provides for team members within an organisation is the ease to access documents. Users can access files stored on their SharePoint Teams Site by opening up their Microsoft Teams app and opening up the Files tab. You can also open a SharePoint site via your browser by entering in a URL or use your Office 365 Portal sign in.

Another key benefit of using SharePoint is team collaboration and how easy SharePoint make it allow team members to all work together on multiple documents. Uploading documents within Microsoft Teams take seconds and allows everyone needed to view and work from these documents in real-time. Organisations can ensure that teams are working from the most recent version of the document and not miss out on any recent modifications or comments.

Interested in these Tools?

At Westgate, we offer both the OneDrive and SharePoint Microsoft tools within our Microsoft 365 packages for Businesses. If you would like to find out more about these tools and their features, please get in touch with our team via the enquiry form below. You can also call our head office directly, send us an email or use the live chat icon on our website.


Published: 28th October 2020