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Service Desk Manager

This has been an interesting blog for me. Most of my friends know that I threw my hat in with Microsoft years ago and I am known for my strong opinions when it comes to Apple products, attitudes and way of working. However, I am going to attempt to write this as unbiased as I can, I mean, some of my best friends have macs and iPhones!

Ecosystem differences

One of the biggest differences is that the two ecosystems are managed in completely different ways and have their own advantages and disadvantages between them.

Windows is very open and configurable. It allows a lot of user control and is far better for working with a wider range of hardware, including really old kit as Microsoft tend not to remove support for older technologies. This is especially important in manufacturing, healthcare and other times when you need a computer connected to a piece of hardware.

In contrast, Apple keep their ecosystem very locked down meaning that the hardware that connects into the machines tends to be far newer. By doing this, Apple ensure that the user experience is consistent across the board.


Apple users tend to live in a very interconnected manner with their iPhones, iPad’s and Mac computers meaning that there is a similar interface look and feel across all products. This is often what users are looking for, certainly from a home user based perspective.

Previously, a user would purchase a Mac if they were interested in image manipulation and processing or if they were concerned about viruses and Malware.  To an extent, this is still the case as there are several art-based packages that are only available or are optimised to run on Apple hardware. However, this gap is closing as Windows machines have far more freedom of hardware so that you can configure a machine to be optimised for a specific task.

Virus protection

There are fewer viruses and malware that do target macs, but this is mostly due to the higher numbers of Windows machines out there. It should also be considered that more and more attacks occur now based on social hacking, often attempts that involve tricking a user into giving their credentials out.

In a commercial environment, there are more factors to be considered.  Is the software that needs to be used available on Macs and do you have to tie into an existing Windows infrastructure? (This is very often the case.


With the prevalence of SaSS within the IT software industry, there is less and less reliance on installed software as many are now available in the cloud. This means that as long as you have a machine with a browser, you are no longer limited to just using Windows.  This does vary considerably from business to business though.

As mentioned above, commercials are considerably important to a business and Apple products do come with a premium. With cheaper Apple products suffering with build quality issues in recent years, any equivalent Windows laptops that have greater ability to be upgraded to suit changing business needs can be acquired for a lesser price. It doesn’t always make sense to move into the Apple ecosystem, especially as there is often training required on the changes between the two environments.

Regardless of your choices and preferences, the important take away from this article is that our team here at Westgate IT are here to support your IT infrastructure regardless of what you prefer to use. With our experienced Engineers ready to answer your questions and to resolve your queries, feel free to get in touch today via the enquiry form below.

Published: 23rd April 2020