Sadie Parkinson

Marketing Manager

Setting up large IT infrastructure can be an overwhelming endeavour

As your business grows, so do the technological needs, with more hardware, software, and devices being added to the network. As client needs increase and the demand for work grows larger and more complex, the requirements of your business systems also widen. Fortunately, the struggles that come with this growth are easily resolved by seasoned experts and services in the IT Support sector.


The Flexibility It Affords You

Many large businesses choose to outsource their IT support, calling in the technicians whenever something goes wrong. At least, that’s how it worked in the past. Now, most IT support can be done remotely, with expert technicians diagnosing and resolving issues through their external access, or by liaising directly with employees. Having a solution-driven technician at the other end of the phone is a great way to shorten downtime and keep costs lower.

External or outsourced support also gives you a great deal of flexibility, as you gain access to the entire team, with all of their different specialisms and experiences. There may be one IT technician who is great at network issues, another who loves fixing hardware, and another who has big ideas about tech (see the next point). When you hire in-house, the flexibility of having a full team is going to cost so much more.


Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

Your large business might think it’s advanced, that it’s right at the front of the industry for technology (it might even claim it on the website’s homepage), but what if your IT support team would beg to differ? If your IT support believes that there are more cutting-edge tech options in the market that can drive your large business forward, it’s a good idea to listen.

If you’re willing to trust your IT experts to test the technologies, it could give you a new advantage over your rivals. An external IT support person is looking to help your business run more efficiently over time, remain competitive in your marketplace, and advance company goals. The reason they are one of your biggest supporters is that they want your continued custom and to continue growing the client-partner relationship.

Finally, on this point, consider that IT support companies already have the best tech available to them, it’s part of the business, so there may be exceptional resources and solutions that could support the business that might not have been considered before.


Security is Key!

Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, companies have been forced to pay more attention to data protection and management in the new digital landscape. Large businesses need to be careful about data, just as much as small businesses or individuals, if not more so. For a large business, one data exposure event can cause the entire empire to fall apart, so you need to work with an IT support company that is serious about cybersecurity, confidentiality and backup protocols.

Customer data, company files, and employee information must be protected without a single doubt. Cyber attacks can affect businesses of all sizes, the only thing the victims have in common is that their site or platform was able to be exploited. Your support team will do everything they can to plug those gaps, and if it’s too late, a cleanup and recovery procedure can be enacted to try and reclaim those lost files. 


Focus on What You’re Best At!

Your business doesn’t want to spend time wasting energy thinking about IT, it wants to be focused on the core business activities and reaching strategic company goals. You want to spend less time worrying and more time growing the business, right? For this to happen, your business needs to mitigate technology issues and leave that responsibility to the experts. What we’ve found here at Westgate IT is that one of the key reasons our clients hire us is to find that technological peace of mind that was previously eluding them. 


A Specialised Service Offers Specialised Results

No two IT support packages should ever be exactly the same. This isn’t a copy and paste kind of industry, it’s the specialised offering that businesses like ours can introduce that makes us stand out. We have built a strong positive reputation by assessing the unique needs of our clients, assigning the right technicians to work with them, and tailoring our support to their needs, operations, and goals.

We have to keep on top of the constantly evolving needs of the dynamic IT world, which means regular training and upskilling our technicians, each of which comes through a stringent hiring process that only selects the most advanced IT support professionals. Part of this educational process is to help our technicians to spot opportunities and problems before they arise, giving you an extra layer of protection.

By working in a specialised and tailored way, we are able to create solutions that are designed for the immediate and precise needs of your business. We can even identify technological processes and hardware options that can drive your business forward. 


Concluding thoughts

Hiring tech support allows your business to focus on what it’s best at, leaving the technology side of things to the pros. By bringing in our expertise, we can pinpoint the right technology, both hardware and software, to help push your business forward and support its expansion. 

If you’re ready to get started and optimise your business’ IT performance, simply get in touch today and let us drive you right to the top. 

Published: 20th July 2021