Matt W

Senior Engineer

From Trainee IT Engineer to Senior Engineer

Name: Matt W

Role: Senior Engineer at Westgate IT

Office: Bath

Time at Westgate: 2.5 years


Why the IT Support Industry?

When the end of school nears and you are exploring your next steps, it can feel incredibly overwhelming when deciding what you would like to do career wise. I, just like many others, wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do and how could my key interests play a role in the career path I chose.

My comfort zone was always working with computers and technology; something that I enjoyed and was naturally good at. I also knew that I enjoyed working with people and as part of a team, steering me more to the Service side of things rather than other areas within technology. The combination of these two aspects became my main focus for my IT Career.


My Experience

I attended Bath College for two years where I was studying a Computing and IT Course. I decided to complete this course as I knew it would steer me towards my goal of working in the IT Service Industry.

I also completed work experience with a Defence Company that I really enjoyed. For a day a week for several weeks, I attended the Company in Bath, ensuring workstations were set up each day and working alongside team members completing high level IT tasks.

Shortly after this, I applied for the Trainee role at Westgate IT as my College Tutor advised that it was the logical next step for me to get started in the IT Industry. It allowed me to use all that I had learnt and put it into practice and commit to further training with the company in more specialised areas.


Role at Westgate IT

At Westgate, I really enjoy talking to our clients and visiting their office sites, giving me the freedom to travel to different parts of the country and engage with them first-hand. It gives me a great sense of achievement each day as I become more confident and have been able to use the technical knowledge I have acquired to support clients and receive great feedback from them when delivering that support.

It is rarely the case that someone will call IT Support when they are having a good day and often, the call is when something has gone wrong. It’s great to be able to work in an Industry where you can be the person that took the burden and stress off of someone else’s plate and made it better by the end of the day.


Career Growth

When I started at Westgate in 2018, I soon learned that the workplace environment was very different from what I expected. I really enjoyed the day-to-day life of working within an IT Support Team and it was more than just a means to live.

Transitioning from the Trainee role to the Senior role in 2021 was a great step for me in my career and Westgate have allowed me to progress. I embraced every opportunity I could to take on difficult jobs and was then assigned to personally look after one of our clients. This allowed me to lead on crucial tasks for that client that were beyond the scope of a First Line Engineer and gave me that direct experience with more difficult tasks.

It’s been great to know that the business is happy to invest in me with the Training I have received and opportunity to grow with Internal Promotions. This has greatly helped me achieve the role I have now and allowed me to flourish.

Published: 11th March 2021