Mark Salen

Account Manager

You’ve got the mince pies ready, office party organised and now looking forward to spending time with the family. Christmas should be a time to rest, shutdown the computer and forget about work for a few days, why not, you’ve earned it.

But before you snuggle down with a nice drop of port to watch “A Christmas Carol” or “Die Hard” on the TV why not end the year by doing a bit of housekeeping. 

My top ‘do before the holiday’ tips are:

  • Change your password, you’ve been meaning to do it for ages do it now.

Don’t just add an exclamation mark or number to the end.  It’s time for a new password use a random collection of common words and add some capital letters and numbers to spice things up.  It’s far easier to remember than “conventional passwords” and yet far harder for hackers to crack. Perfect! For that peaceful Christmas.

  • Backup your data, spend a little time ensuring that all those documents you’ve been trying not to save on your desktop are backed up somewhere, one-drive for example or your companies network drive.
  • Set your out of office, then if Scrooge decides to try and contact you over Christmas, he’ll get a response, but you won’t have to worry. Be sure to state you won’t be checking your emails and when you will be returning to work.
  • Check you can work from home, it’s a good idea to test everything is working, can you connect? do all your drives get mapped? etc. We are all crossing our fingers for a white Christmas but need to be prepared for our return to work following the break.  If it snows driving is not worth the risk.

Finally have a Happy Christmas and a great new year, Westgate have staff available over the holiday period but hopefully you won’t need us. 

Published: 25th November 2019