The challenge was to put together a virtual cluster with the space and performance needed by the client. While they already had a virtual cluster, it was running out of headroom with the organisations increasing number of users. They also wanted an improved backup and disaster recovery solutions with decreased restore and recovery times.With a number of services provided to their users both internal and external, they needed this project done quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption and downtime.


Business Solution

A VMware vSphere cluster of three virtual hosts (one backup) using ESXi was specified to provide the required performance while being able to withstand failures in any single component or system. With VMware’s HA, even if a host does fail, virtual machines will be started on the other hosts ensuring even failures during the early hours of the morning are resolved quickly.



Having been in place for a few months, the client have enjoyed increased performance, redundancy and now have real offsite disaster recovery solution. Most importantly it’s allowed them to focus on their core business without having to worry about IT getting in the way. The system is considered a success and has paved the way for possible additional virtual projects like VDI desktops.

Education Advocacy

“Westgate IT have worked with us as we have grown, supporting us every step of the way. They have been there for both the strategic advice and the day to day support. The team have been knowledgeable and effective in maintaining our systems on a day to day basis without any down time – they also have a sense of humour and can put across the technical without making you feel totally inadequate”.

Nigel Pugh – Education Advocacy