Connect Assist, based in Cardiff, are a customer that presented a new challenge to Westgate, due to the nature of the work that they perform. Providing outsourced contact centres, technology and support that empowers organisations and their customers to communicate more effectively. This results in wider reach, improved service and stronger impact. It’s a human approach, enhanced by technology.

We were asked to ensure that the Clients security was set up correctly and proactively managed. This was to include patch management with the emphasis of reducing down-time for critical systems.


Business Solution

Our managed security service, Cyber Essentials Compliance was the perfect addition to Connect Assist’s IT strategy. Through our service, it was possible to achieve two key goals for Connect Assist. First and foremost, to enhance and better protect their data and IT infrastructure and secondly, for Connect Assist to operate at a level compliant with the government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials.

With our dedicated team we are continuously reducing Connect Assist’s security risks through proven processes and techniques. We deployed a unified endpoint management solution across their IT estate. This enabled us to build an automated and staggered patching schedule. Critical security patches are now deployed within the Cyber Essentials time frame, but all patches are subject to an automated period of testing before being pushed out company wide.

We performed quarterly vulnerability assessments of Connect Assist’s networks, inside and out. This validates the working we are performing and provides a crucial insight to the security status of Connect Assist’s infrastructure.



We work closely with Connect Assist to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for their growing business whilst fully supporting their existing infrastructure and ever-changing security requirements. We have a dedicated team of Senior Engineers that are ready to be on site to assist with scheduled work, maintenance and in the event of a Major Incident.

We also continuously research and develop new system hardening techniques. After thorough internal testing, we then began rolling out the enhancements across Connect Assist’s Infrastructure, keeping them protected from the latest threats.


“Westgate IT are not just our partner but an extension of our business; they are our IT department and trusted advisors, who work tirelessly, and go above and beyond to meet all of our needs. They are the most effective and cost efficient IT supplier that we have worked with, who understand our needs and work quickly to meet them; we expect a very long term relationship together”.

Stephen Pickett – Connect Assist