Connect Assist are a customer that presented a new challenge to Westgate, due to the nature of the work that they perform, we have had to work extremely closely with 3rd party suppliers and also the on-site technical team to ensure that the setup and maintenance of their systems has security and a reduction of down-time at the forefront.

Connect Assist also have our out of hours package and this ensures that we are able to act promptly and professionally to any issues that they may have – again this is to minimize the risk of extended downtime for their users and as such, improves the service that they are providing, often to those most vulnerable in society.

From a Security perspective, we worked closely with the internal team to ensure that they passed their CyberEssentials Plus.  Westgate IT’s Security specialists maintain their patching as part of our Pro-Secure offering and also performed and remediated a penetration test so that Connect Assist’s clients are reassured that all the necessary protections are in place.

We work closely with Connect Assist, to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for their growing business with projects and also to support their existing infrastructure and ever changing security requirements.

We have a dedicated team of senior engineers that are ready to be on site to assist with scheduled work, maintenance and in the event of a Major Incident.

Westgate IT are not just our partner but an extension of our business; they are our IT department and trusted advisors, who work tirelessly, and go above and beyond to meet all of our needs. They are the most effective and cost efficient IT supplier that we have worked with, who understand our needs and work quickly to meet them; we expect a very long term relationship together!

Stephen Pickett - Connect Assist

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