WFH - avoid going mad

Working from home – How to avoid going completely mad

Working remotely comes with many benefits, such as saving you time and money on commuting, dealing less with office politics, having less stress at home...

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COVID-19 plan

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan at Westgate IT

At Westgate IT, we understand that your business depends on our ability to deliver a high quality, sustainable service so we wanted to share our plan...

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Remote Working

The benefits that remote working can offer

Remote working or working from home is now part of many desirable job specifications that allows employees to skip the winding queue of traffic and...

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Creating optimised passwords for your business

Developing an optimised cyber security strategy for your business is a pivotal step in keeping all of your precious data secure, but the subject is...

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What is a phishing attack and how can I avoid them?

Phishing is a method of fraudulently gathering persona information using deceptive websites and emails. The attackers often impersonate trusted entities or real people they know....

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Fast Email Image

Tools and techniques for setting up and optimising email

Communication in a business is essential, and in the modern world, there are multiple channels you can use to get information across, one of which is email.

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To Do Lists

A Beginner’s Guide for Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo is a powerful task management system that can work in a variety of environments. Here we will show you how to get the most out of it.

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Christmas at Westgate

Christmas – traditions

You’ve got the mince pies ready, office party organised and now looking forward to spending time with the family. Christmas should be a time to...

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mental health at work

Mental Health at Work – Our clients are making a difference

Mental health is a difficult subject in customer service. In an often-stressful environment it’s a big concern, how do you make a difference? When someone...

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