Rich Widelski

Service Desk Manager

Westgate IT made the decision on the 11th March to allow all members of staff to self-isolate and to assist them with this, we ensured that access to the essential tools that were needed to perform their work was provided.

It was very reassuring to see that our tested Business Continuity Policy worked well and without any issues, there were no Engineers that were not able to work from the start of their shifts on Monday.

Working from home has been a real challenge for some of our staff and to this end, as the Service Desk Manager, I make sure that I stay in touch with everyone on a regular basis by Microsoft Teams and by phone.

Every morning, I put together an email ensuring that all members of staff are thanked and appreciated for the work that we are doing for our customers.  Also, on this email, I put down a few pointers with what we need to remember for the day, this is often a realignment of priorities or something to remember as the day goes on.

I know that it is frustrating as a customer at the moment, especially when it feels as if you are on hold for a considerably longer period than normal, if I can take this opportunity to put this into perspective, normally in four days (Monday to Thursday), we would expect about 500 calls on a busy week.  Last week, we had answered and made 1144 calls from Monday 8AM to Thursday 6PM.

The team have been working all hours to make sure that they have been able to support as many of you as possible in as timely a fashion as possible, often working longer hours and forgoing lunch breaks.

Employee welfare is always our top priority here at Westgate IT so I have been stepping in and making sure that your support Engineers are taking their breaks, so if there has been an hour break in one of your tickets around lunchtime, it’s probably my fault.

As a management team, we have also put together measures and steps regarding looking after our staff that may experience childcare issues with the notice from the UK Government that schools will be shutting. 

IT workers have been identified as key workers vital keeping the services and the economy moving in this tricky time and Westgate IT have measures in place to be sure that we are able to support your business as things develop and transition. 

The agile way that we can work at Westgate IT is of a considerable advantage for our customer base as it ensures that we will always be able to assist, regardless of the current location of our staff. 

Over the last week at Westgate IT, our team of Support Engineers have not only been active in our own BCP but have also worked so very hard to make sure that we could help as many of you as possible and as well as we could. 

We are immensely proud of our team and how they have pulled together and just pushed through the week without any respite.  I have been working IT Support for almost twenty years and I have been a lead for half of that time, and I have never seen a team come together and support not only our customers but each other.

Published: 23rd March 2020