Sadie Parkinson

Marketing Manager

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. And a dog.

My alarm goes off, I take my dog out, put down his food, make myself a large cup of coffee and sit at my desk to start my working day. This has been my morning ritual since working from home the past year.

As a Marketing Manager in the IT Industry, my role is incredibly varied and allows me to manage some exciting projects to boost brand awareness and generate new business. From A/B testing new email campaigns to creating new content for the website, my role gives me the freedom to try out so many new ideas in the digital marketing space.

A Typical Day

Once my dog has had enough belly scratches, I always start off my day making a to do list and rank the list in terms of priority. Physically noting down everything I have to do that day helps me keep track of all the projects that are going on.

Scheduling content across our social platforms is always top on my agenda for the week to ensure regular updates are shared about Westgate and to keep our connections informed. Having active social channels is incredibly valuable for many businesses as it shows a real brand presence that can be attractive for potential new business coming in.

With another coffee in between, a key focus during my working week is sending out email campaigns and A/B testing different subjects to potential new clients about our services. From designing the physical templates to writing the email content, the entirety of email marketing allows a far greater reach of audience with the helpful use of reporting analytics that can show me how successful that campaign has been. With these tools, I can then decide which method is the beneficial and impacting our target groups the best.

Favourite Parts of the Job?

The website maintenance has always been my favourite area to manage and requires constant TLC to keep it current. With the data found from Google Search within the industry, it is important we keep our website relevant and ensure our website contains up to date information on the services we offer. Seeing your ideas come to life in digital format online is a pretty great feeling and all contributes to the overall brand image (top tip – making sure the design and content is consistent with rest of the site is key).

Another favourite aspect of mine is the content creation and how that can lead to new business for the company. From writing blogs to putting together new ad copy for campaigns, the ability to be creative is encouraged here at Westgate across all teams which I love. As digital marketing methods have advanced over the past few years, it has also allowed me to actively track and see the progress being made such as an increase in website traffic and enquiry forms being completed.

Being a Dog Mum

Whilst many of us have enjoyed working from the comfort of our own homes, I am sure our dogs have been making the most of this adaption too. Lunch time walks have become part of daily ritual which gives me a breather from my laptop and Loki a breather from rolling upside down on the bed.

From dog appearances in team meetings and apologies for the barks in the background, I can safely say that my dog has become a huge part of my normal working routine at home and has helped keep me sane the past year in lockdown. I think we’ve all been very grateful for our furry friends!


Published: 25th May 2021