Nigel Phillips

Managing Director

What a year this has been! This time last year, our Christmas blog read:

“You’ve got the mince pies ready, office party organised and now looking forward to spending time with the family”.

With no office party to attend (some of you may breathe a sigh of relief) and most still working from home, this year has been very different for all of us.

Will We All Return to Normality?

However, there is positive news on the horizon. With the vaccine now being distributed across the country, it is likely that his time next year we might be able to return to some sort of normality, meeting friends and clinking those glasses.

Christmas is known for bringing on the blues and this year I think more than ever we need to remain positive. For some, this has been extremely difficult over the last 10 months. We’ve been in relative isolation, losing touch with the outside world and sadly, some of us have even lost loved ones. We have seen friends and clients put on the furlough scheme and have unfortunately seen some lose their jobs and even businesses close down. Of course, we tell ourselves “things are going to get better” and “there’s always a sliver lining”, but after 10 months of this, you’d only be human for feeling a bit low.

So How Do You Beat the Blues? 

I have an old friend who confided in me and he explained that he had been depressed for a while; that it wasn’t just him feeling a bit down or low but that he had been clinically depressed. He described depression as feeling like a never ending circle of constantly worrying about everything. He came out the other end and gave me some advice that I think is worth trying if you’re feeling low:

  1. Try and make a list each day of the positives you have in your life and read them back to yourself. You need to look at the good things in your life and not just the bad. When you really look at everything you have going on, there will likely be more positive things to focus on then negative things. It’s an old cliché but counting your blessings is a pretty good first step.
  2. Allow yourself time to worry, everyone worries it’s normal. The trick is not to obsess, allow yourself time, don’t beat yourself up because you are worrying. Once you have allowed this time, there has to come a point where you say to yourself, Ok, what is this achieving? Take a break, you are not doing yourself any favours worrying all day.
  3. Unfortunate things happens, and they always will. It is a simple truth. It may be happening to you or to someone else but it happens and it will happen again and again. You may think at the time, why me… but why not? When something bad happens to you, all you need to do is accept that one truth. It’s not just you it happens to. We all have bad days.

So Whats Next?

We are not sending Christmas cards or gifts out to clients this year because there is no one in the office to open them. We are not having the annual Christmas party or Secret Santa which are usual events all of our team look forward to.

However, on a brighter note, there’s a new year coming and that means a fresh start too! Ok, so we can’t meet up at the moment and we have all been allocated different tiers, but we will eventually. Let’s make the most of it and have the Best Christmas you can!

Stay Positive, Test Negative!

Published: 15th December 2020